Qameta Software

We make B2B software

Who we are?

We are a agile software company from Germany, building B2B software to solve business cases.

What we do:

  • Develop software which matches your business flow
  • Provide training for your employees
  • Agile development and changes to match your needs
  • Maintain and support it over life time

What we don't do:

  • Work for equity
  • Work for free
  • Build social netwoks - even for business

Working with us is a partnership. We are not a service provider, we want to be part of your team to make things happen.

Software Development

Find Solutions

How we work?

Solving business cases with smart solution is our passion.

Thrive for Quality:

Thrive for simplicity:

  • Listen to user needs
  • Use data to find the best solution
  • Less code is key
  • Make things simple

We work hard to make things simple and easy to use - even software development itself.