New Alternative Search Engine: neeva and neevaAI

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neeva search results for qameta

Today the new neevaAI search engine launched on Product Hunt. This is the third launch on Product Hunt with all new added AI functionality.

What is neeva?

Neeva is an alternative search engine focusing on better results. They say about theirself:

No Tracking. No Bias. Search Free From Corporate Influence. Search privately –

I’ve checked their results for: qameta and it were very similar to Bing. As they say:

Neeva includes data from Apple, Bing, Yelp and others – in Footer

I’ve checked the second result page and could find also specific content from StackOverflow highlighted on the right side of the search.

Does neeva have an own search index?

They seem to have an own search index. As cited on Neeva Web Crawler page, they do have a Neevabot, which may crawl pages.

As I think this is a great news, because most of the search engines are built around Google and Bing search index.

Do neeva support sitemap submissions?

I’ve tried to find something, but couldn’t find anything about it

Do neeva have Webmaster Tools like Google or Bing?

I could find a help page for Webmasters. As they say, they will build one at some time, but there is currently no page for this.

User interested should keep an eye on this Webmaster Help Page by neeva.

Do they support IndexNow

This was my first suggestion, that they will support IndexNow to built up an up to date search index for their search. But I couldn’t find anything about it.

How can I submit anything to neeva?

I’ve found a new help page on neeva for Webmasters, which say that a user can submit his/her page through emailing them to:

This is an all new way to submit a page, but I’ve submitted some pages and will have a look at the logs for their neevabot.

Have a look at the browser console?

Errors in browser console on

After try their search engine with some keywords, I had a look at the browser search console and could find some errors regarding loading favicons from their CDN, which seems to be cached from Google.


Having alternative search engines fragmenting the search market and increasing competition is very important for search engine market and every business relying on search results to get customers.

It would be great, if neeva would join IndexNow or build any other technology to submit content to their search engine and maybe built up a new search index, which does not rely on Bing.


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