Team Qameta Legacy

Identify unused Routes in Ruby on Rails

Rails routes map URLs of a Ruby on Rails application to controller actions. As a project grows, many new routes get added and older ones might become obsolete. Cleanup of unused routes is a good practice to keep the codebase clean and maintainable.

Working with Legacy Ruby on Rails: spring.gem fork() Crash

Working with legacy Ruby on Rails applications is for most developers a problem, as they have a lot of extra work to do: Use older documentation, which matches the legacy project can’t use fixes and improvements of programming language can’t use improvements and features of up-to-date framework version have to use older and mostly unsupported third-party extensions are maybe forced to write code, which must be changed for updates and upgrades First of all, many developers will hit the CPU architecture change from x86/x64 to ARM64 using Apple Macs.